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Automatic Wheel Washer

Tornado Comfort
Automatic Wheel Washer

автоматическая мойка колес Торнадо-Комфорт для автосервиса

How to buy?


We designed Tornado Comfort automatic wheel washer taking into account experience and requirements expressed by users of automatic wheel washers manufactured by us and by other manufacturers.

When we were developing Tornado Comfort automatic wheel washer we used all pluses of the existing equipment and made some changes in design in order to improve consumer properties of the equipment.

Tornado Comfort
Automatic Wheel Washer

What makes Tornado Comfort so different:

  • Width of washing section is enlarged (you can wash wheels up to 400 mm in width and 820mm in height);
  • Width of the washer is decreased;
  • Noise isolation of the washing section is improved;
  • Wheel stabilization system in vertical position is added;
  • Wheel rotation drive operation is optimized (engine load is decreased);
  • Loading door design is strengthened;
  • Mechanical door locking is added;
  • Pump protection from heating;
  • Panels can be painted at customer’s option.


Closed cycle wheel washing is used, dirt settles at the bottom. The washer does not require connecting to the water supply and sewerage system and allows you to keep your shop clean and tidy.

Depending on the dirt accumulation level you can select one of the following washing modes:
- 20 seconds;
- 40 seconds;
- 60 seconds.

After that the wheel is automatically dried with compressed air; drying takes 15 seconds. There is also a separate 30-second drying mode.

In the administration mode you can set up any intervals for washing and drying in your wheel washer.

Intended Usage

The Tornado Comfort wheel washer is designed for car service centers and brand service centers to clean wheel disks and tires fast and carefully using water and plastic grains. This makes wheels perfectly clean and almost dry. You can balance clean wheels more easily and more accurately. Moreover, it is more convenient to transport wheels when they are clean.

Maximum size for a wheel for this model of wheel washers is 850mm x 400mm. This allows you to use it not only for motor cars and off-road vehicles but also for small trucks.

Using Tornado Comfort automatic washers allows you to improve the quality of service while performing tire fitting and wheel balancing, to enhance efficiency of your tire fitting shop and to reduce technicians’ manual labor.


The washer includes a bath, washing box, electrical unit box, water supply system, air supply system, wheel rotation drive and control system.

The washing technique involves high-pressure water and grain supply (grains are used as a washing element).

It is a closed cycle washer (250-300 wheels) and thanks to that you need only compressed air and electricity to connect it. The washer does not require connecting to the water supply and sewerage system.

The automatic washer is maintenance-friendly:
- grains are automatically accumulated into a special container;
- water and dirt are removed through a drain hole;
- in the front part of the bath there is a solid sediment and dirt tank. Thanks to that sediment is accumulated into a place where it can be easily removed from. It is removed from the underpan mechanically.

The washing unit of the machine, bath and shafts are made of stainless steel. The driving shaft as opposed to washers of other manufacturers, is also made of stainless steel.

To decrease noise, double acoustic sound insulation is used in Tornado Comfort wheel washers.

The control panel includes five touch keys. This makes the washer ergonomic, easy to operate and highly moisture-proof.

On the control panel there is an LCD display where information about a current program mode and time left before finishing the operation is shown in a simple way. There is also information about number of washed wheels, a warning if the door of the washing chamber is not closed, a warning to change water and other service messages shown on the display.

All washers are supplied with:
 - 25kg of grains,
 - a device to accumulate grains,
 - a rubber mat.